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MindMapper UK

The Creators Of The ME Day Festival

When we don't lead the team at ME Day, we deliver events, programmes and coaching around youth mental health education in educational and work spaces.

"I think ME Day is important because it's the first time people are realising that mental health is something that is important and isn't something that needs to be hidden behind closed doors. It can be really empowering and that's what ME Day is bringing."

Meg Zeenat Wamithi - CEO at MindMapper UK  

Dig in

The Brand Students Love

When we don't work on engaging with brands for ME Day, we deliver Dig In Boxes to university students all over the UK.

"   "

Chris Platt - CEO at Dig In



DASH Events

The Event Experts

When we are not helping to event manage the ME Day Festival, we run events of all sizes, from brunches to massive conferences.

" As a company run by a young black woman who have had their own journeys with mental health, it was important for us to get involved in ME Day Festival to be able to break free from the stigma that MH is something you deal with alone. Positive Mental Health is important to Dami, Matilda, Shama and Jordan who make up the DASH team and they couldn't be more excited to bring this festival to life. "

Damilola Onamusi - CEO at DASH Events

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